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Knoxville SEO is an extremely intriguing issue on the World Wide Web. All things considered, everyone needs to rank higher and come up on the top page of Google search and get more traffic. Top SEO techniques. As per my opinion, I would like to think, the best method is to keep it basic and apply a touch of the presence of mind. We do have so many plugins who take care of our SEO things but here I am going to tell some of the techniques which plugins do not take care and you need to do these by yourself manually. Below are the top techniques which you need to use.

The Top Reasons You Need SEO – Knoxville SEO TACTICS

  1. Use hyphens (-) between words to improve readability.
  2. Do not use underscores (_) in URLs, use hyphens (-) instead.
  3. Use proper anchor text for inter-links.
  4. Don’t use “here”, “there” etc for the anchor text (if you can avoid it).
  5. Use search engine friendly permalinks.
  6. Try not to have too many ‘&’, ‘?’, ‘!’ etc characters in the URL. Sometimes it is unavoidable but try to keep it to a minimum.
  7. Do not use session id in URLs. If you are using good hosting then you shouldn’t have to worry about this one.
  8. Avoid using capital letters in URLs. Windows servers are case sensitive. Keep them lowercase so there’s no confusion.
  9. Optimize the images, always create alt tags and write a description in the alt tag.
  10. Use internal linking when possible and appropriate.
  11. Have a category description paragraph. Let the visitors subscribe to category specific RSS feed. Use sticky posts (if you can and if it applies to you).
  12. Research the target audience and aim the site content appropriately. Keep the content up to date. Visitors don’t like outdated content. Updating the content frequently also attracts the search engines spiders to index the web pages frequently.
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