Welcome Pumps of Tennessee

We recently had the pleasure doing some work for Pumps of Tennessee. They had a very old and outdated website built in classic tables. Hadn’t been touched in years. So we had the opportunity to do a full package for them: branding, web site, and SEO.

They are doing fantastic.

Their website is beautiful and top notch, their branding is eye catching, and they dominate Google for their search terms. We are proud to showcase Pumps of Tennessee.

A bit about Pumps of Tennessee

For over 36 years, Pumps of Tennessee in Knoxville has been a main player throughout East Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and Western North Carolina of the technologies for the movement and management of our most precious resource, water. Pumps of Tennessee offers technological solutions capable of ensuring reliability and efficiency, and to optimize energy consumption in residential building service, commercial building service, agricultural and irrigation applications in Knoxville and all East Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and Western North Carolina. Pumps of Tennessee puts people at the center of every action, strategy and development plan. Our experience and knowledge puts us on the cutting edge of all your water needs. Pumps of Tennessee works with both residential and commercial clients from fountains at the mall, to landscaping companies for your yard, to TVA and Water Treatment Centers.

Please go and take a look at Pumps of Tennessee. And remember, at Appleseed Web Design, we are here to help your business grow.



Choosing the Perfect Logo

Beautiful logos for Knoxville Businesses.

Before the logo design process begins, you have to concrete a budget. Professional logos can cost quite a bit of money, especially if the logo is complex. You can find a freelancer to design your logo for less than $50, but the vast pool of freelancers very broad. Some can be very professional while others will simply throw something together. However, you can also spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a full logo package with branding, customization and more. Small businesses will likely want to find a professional and high-quality company like Appleseed Web Design, and set your budget between $1,000 and $10,000. Particularly small businesses may do very well with a freelancer as long as you do plenty of research on them, analyze their portfolio thoroughly and they act as professionally as possible.

Logos are a massive part of a business’s identity and so when you’re picking one for your firm, you want to get it right. We’ve come up with a list of top tips for choosing the perfect logo for your business.

  1. Find a good designer that you trust.
  2. Do you have a particular yearning for a typographic (text) logo? Or do you want something illustrative that shows at a glance what your business does? Or a graphic logo that may use an image unrelated to your business area at all, but which over time will become unmistakably linked to your name? You can even have a mix.
  3. What do you want your logo to say about you?
  4. Does the name of your business impact your logo choice?
  5. Think carefully about what colors you want to use. It is sensible to keep the color palette down to two or three colors, as this will be inexpensive to reproduce in all sorts of formats.
  6. If you’re getting a redesigned logo rather than something brand new, try to come up with some specific things that you do and don’t like about your current one.
  7. Make sure your new logo will look good in a variety of settings – which settings will depend on your business needs, but as an example, will it look good as a Twitter logo?
  8. Be wary of getting overly emotional about the choice – you are making a decision for your business, not choosing wallpaper for your home.
  9. Make the effort to find a logo you really love. You have to live with this logo for a long time.
  10. Ask a trusted friend or two for their opinion. But bear in mind that having an opinion is easy, while making a decision can be much harder. Ask ten different people to pick their favorite logo out of ten choices, and chances are you’ll come away with a ‘top five’ at the most rather than a top one.

Make sure that your company logo does not have too many fonts and always use the best fonts related to your design. Using too many fonts at one place can cause confusion for the viewers. It would be better if there are not more than two fonts in a logo so that it can improve the legibility of the design and viewers can easily recognize the logo. If you need help on your next logo design, come give us a shout at Appleseed Web Design