Your website should be more than an advertisement.
A beautifully designed & optimized website will improve web traffic,
expand your customer base, & grow your business.

Websites are NOT Created Equal

At Appleseed Web Design, we are confident in our skills to create custom designs that are unique to your business focus and have an aesthetic appeal, while combining functionality with accessibility. In today’s world, it is important to have your website accessible on the go, so we build our websites to be mobile-friendly and responsive. We start with a blank slate for all of our customers, so we can produce a product that is tailored to them, from start to finish. Throughout the process of design evaluation, the project manager will collect all of your information from design direction (whether specific or undetermined), color scheme, focus, keywords, objectives and everything in between.

Why Should You Go Responsive?

The business case for a responsive design is clear.  Mobile and tablet user growth is fast and accelerating.  It’s expected that mobile users will outnumber desktop users in the next one-to-three years.  You want to engage mobile users if you hope to keep your competitive edge online.

Ask us how to get a free year of hosting with the purchase of a web site or design!

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